Otoscan® is the future of hearing aids. Otoscan offers you massive benefits with its advanced technology. Take advantage of Otoscan to win over new patients and attract customers by providing high-quality service.

Discover Otoscan® – the digital 3D ear scanner solution

Otoscan's 3D image allows us to communicate with our patients in a completely new way. Peter D. Sotiropoulos, Au.D., FAAA, Doctor of Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Kankakee,  IL 

Peter D. Sotiropoulos, AuD, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Kankakee, IL

Attract more patients

Otoscan® helps you generate interest and excitement around your hearing aid center using the  latest audiology technology. Otoscan is the first digital 3D ear scanner solution developed by  hearing professionals for hearing care professionals like you. Invite the WOW factor into your  center and: 

  • Wow your patients with the latest ear scanner technology 
  • Target more patients and grow your referral base with events showcasing the latest innovations in hearing care
  • Offer a tailor-made service and make a difference

Satisfy more patients

Otoscan® offers new ways to win patients and establish trusting relationships with them. Thanks  to the digitalization process of the impression, you create an ideal context to initiate the  dialogue with your patient. Then you can: 

  • Establish a strong connection and personalize your patient's experience
  • Increase the loyalty of your patients by giving them a memorable experience
  • Help your patients answer, "Can I get the hearing aid I want?"
  • Offer a professional and modern image of your center that delivers perfectly  personalized devices 

Simplify the procedure

Otoscan® helps you deliver personalized service efficiently. Otoscan simplifies the logistics around producing custom molds or an in-the-ear device. The Novel technology transforms the images of the ear into a digital 3D file, which is transferred to Otoscan® -- a cloud service -- which allows the immediate use of the impression to manufacture the custom-made mold. You can:

  • Save time and money around footprint and manufacturing logistics
  • Securely save digital records for easy storage, retrieval and use 
  • Ensuring a better fit of earmolds or shells and reduce rework and returns
  • Enjoy a more hygienic and safer procedure

Otoscan helps cut shipping time and expenses in half. This device is a huge time and money  saver for us. 

Peter D. Sotiropoulos, AuD, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Kankakee, IL

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