Knowledge about hearing aids to help you choose the best fit for your needs.

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[5] Invisible hearing aids: what you should know about them in 2024

You may associate hearing aids as big and bulky. The good news is, as technology has changed, today's hearing aids can be as small as a coffee bean and almost invisible. Invisible Hearing Aids (IHAs) are so tiny that they fit entirely in the ear canal, making them virtually invisible.

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[4] Understanding Hearing Tests and Audiograms

If you have noticed a decline in your hearing compared to previous years, you might be experiencing hearing loss. To confirm or rule out hearing loss, a professional evaluation from an audiologist that measures the range and sensitivity of your hearing might be necessary. This test is known as Audiometry. In this article, we will explain in detail what an audiometry test is and how to interpret its results, known as an audiogram. We will also explore other hearing tests, providing a comprehensive way to check your hearing.

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[3] Top 5 Things to Do If You’re Experiencing Hearing Loss

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

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[2] Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Hearing Aid: From Hearing Loss to Happy Listening

When finding the perfect hearing aid, you have many options. The number of choices can be overwhelming. But with the right approach and understanding of the differences, you can simplify the process and feel confident in your choice.

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[1] Hear better with custom ear molds for your hearing aid

The unique anatomy of your ear canal plays a pivotal role in how sound travels into your ear. Every ear is different, and a hearing aid's performance can vary greatly based on how well it fits into your ear canal. A precise fit not only ensures comfort, but it also optimizes the directionality and amplification of sound.

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