Tailored hearing

Elevate your hearing aid experience. 3D scanning technology provides you with more wearing comfort and sound precision. The process of getting a custom earmold is faster and more hygienic.

Custom earmolds upgrade every hearing aid

Use your hearing aid the whole day without feeling fatigued.

Custom-fit earmolds result in minimized friction and the greatest comfort.

Hear words clearly during conversations

A tight seal within your ear canal reduces sound leakage and background noises.

Enjoy activities and sports with a secure fit.

Stay active without the need to adjust your hearing aid constantly.

Experience the most personalized sound.

Each person's hearing loss is unique. Thanks to the custom fit, an audiologist can precisely adjust your hearing aid to your hearing loss.

Hear life as it happens 

Do what you love, thanks to the most comfortable hearing aids with the best sound quality.  Custom-made ear molds with a 3D scan guarantee the best fit for your ear canal. 

Fancy a custom ear mold?

Otoscan's 3D scan is the golden standard in hearing aid technology.

3D scan with Otoscan

  • Non-invasive and safe

The device doesn't touch the patient's ear, keeping you relaxed.

  • High accuracy

The 3D scan perfectly reflects the shape of the ear canal.

  • Quick and secure

The digital file is sent to the manufacturer in minutes, not days. The 3D scan is stored digitally and is reusable.

Silicon-based ear impression

  • Irritates the skin

Silicon can cause inflammation in the ear, which may lead to pain and  bleeding. 

  • Less accurate

Silicon impressions expand in the ear, stretching the skin. 

  • It takes days to ship

Physical impressions are sent to the manufacturer by traditional mail.

Otoscan's 3D scan. The future is here.

Natus Medical patents Otoscan's technology

Corporate experience

Natus' brands have been setting the standard for patient care for over 80 years. We offer medical equipment and software for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating impairments and disorders affecting the brain, neural pathways, and eight sensory nervous systems.

Global trust

Medical professionals trust our products in university medical centers, hospitals, private practices, clinics and research laboratories.

Expert in hearing

Our products, the Aurical Hearing Aid Fitting System and hearing screening devices are widely used in France and worldwide.

Hearing aids improve your life.

Explore stories from people who trusted the process.

"I can't believe I waited 13 years before I stopped denying my hearing loss was a problem."

Florine, 46 (Lyon)

"I apologized to my daughter for not treating her seriously.''

Jean-Pierre, 64 (Le Coteau)

"I refer to my hearing aids as my "ears.'' I'm amazed how technology changed my quality of life."

Charles, 72 (Reims)

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