[5] Invisible hearing aids: what you should know about them in 2024

They are discreet, comfortable, and feature excellent sound quality due to their deep placement in the ear. Using the latest technology and components miniaturization, they can easily cope with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss, improving the quality of life of their users. Vous pensez peut-être que les aides auditives sont grosses et encombrantes. La bonne nouvelle, c’est qu’avec l’évolution de la technologie, les aides auditives d’aujourd’hui peuvent être aussi petites qu’un grain de café et presque invisibles.

Invisible hearing aids: what you should know about  them in 2023 

You may associate hearing aids as big and bulky. The good news is, as technology has  changed, today's hearing aids can be as small as a coffee bean and almost invisible. 

Invisible Hearing Aids (IHAs) are so tiny that they fit entirely in the ear canal, making them  virtually invisible. They are discreet, comfortable, and feature excellent sound quality due to  their deep placement in the ear.  

Using the latest technology and components miniaturization, they can easily cope with mild,  moderate, and severe hearing loss, improving the quality of life of their users.  

Invisible Hearing Aids are so small that they are often not even noticed by the people around  you. 

The Technology Behind Invisible Hearing Aids 

Invisible hearing aids are indeed a marvel of modern technology. They are packed with  advanced features; each designed to enhance the user's experience and improve their quality  of life. One of the most impressive aspects is the ability to customize the device to the user's  unique ear shape. 

This customization is available through 3D scanning technology like the Otoscan® by Natus.  This technology captures the intricate details of the user's ear canal, allowing for the creation of  a hearing aid that fits like a glove. It is like having a tailor-made suit for your ear!

Using 3D scanning technology in creating IHAs is more than just about comfort, though. A well fitted device can enhance sound delivery, making sounds more clear and natural. This  enhancement is because a custom-molded device can sit deeper in the ear canal and closer to  the eardrum, which results in improved sound quality. 

Despite their small size, IHAs can have many powerful functions. Among the most interesting of  them are: 

Artificial Intelligence (as Starkey Evolv AI) helps you by constantly adapting the hearing  aid settings to the environment to deliver the clearest sound possible. 

● Bluetooth connectivity with other smart devices like smartphone or TV allow you to  stream your sound directly into your ear from the TV. 

● Health and activity trackers to enhance your well-being, such as heart monitors and step  counters. 

● The ability to translate other languages so you can listen to people speaking another  language by hearing the translated version. 

● Fall detectors that can remotely inform a loved one of a fall. 

● Wireless recharging capability for a hassle-free battery experience. 

Moreover, a custom mold can also help reduce feedback, a common issue with many hearing  aids. Feedback occurs when sound leaks out of the ear and is picked up by the hearing aid's  microphone, creating a loop that results in a high-pitched whistling sound.  

A well-fitted device can help prevent this sound leakage, reducing feedback and creating a more  pleasant wearing experience. 

While the technology behind IHAs might seem complex, the benefits are simple:  a comfortable, custom-fit device that delivers high-quality sound. 

Pros and Cons of Invisible Hearing Aids 

Like any technology, IHAs come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. We have  compiled them for you in a table to make it easier for you to consider them when assessing whether IHAs are for you.

Pros + 

Discreet design 

Custom-fit very comfortable IHAs sit inside the ear and don't  interfere with masks and glasses

Improved sound quality

Reduced feedback

Less wind noise 

Natural, spatial sound - they use the natural shape of the auricle for sound collection

Cons -

Not suitable for severe hearing loss

Short battery life: 

- 3-7 days using replaceable battery (usually type 10  battery) 

- 10-16h in case of rechargeable IHAs

Limited extra features: 

- not all IHAs have features like Bluetooth connection  due to their small size

Requires high dexterity

High price:

Prices of the IHAs start at around 1000 USD, and can go up to 5000 USD


Invisible Hearing Aids are positive proof of how far we have come in audiology. Their discreet  design, coupled with advanced technology, makes them an excellent choice for people who  care about the look of their hearing aid. As we continue to see advancements in this field, there  is no better time to consider IHAs as a viable solution for your hearing needs.